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Last updated: Tuesday, 17 January 2006
This page lists tools, scripts, example configurations and similar files that are available on the net and might be useful for DOpus 4 users. Note that the stuff on this page has been included mostly for completeness' sake - if you're searching for Directory Opus extensions, your first stop should be DOpus 4 Plus.

Example configurations for Directory Opus

Here are some example configuration files for Directory Opus. Note that some of them are configured to use a "PAL:Hires" screenmode - you may want to change that first.

Tools and ARexx scripts for DOpus 4 users

The following tools and ARexx scripts might be useful to you.

Tools for old (commercial) versions of Directory Opus

If you are using an older, commercial version of DOpus, these files might be useful to you. They should *not* be used with the more recent versions of Directory Opus available from this website!

Latest beta versions


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