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Last updated: Tuesday, 17 January 2006
Welcome to the Directory Opus 4 Research Project. We are a bunch of individuals trying to improve the legendary file manager Directory Opus 4 which is now distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Directory Opus 4 - also known as 'Diropus' or 'DOpus' - is a legendary file manager for Amiga Computers. It features two directory windows, a very intuitive graphical user interface including Drag'n drop functionality and is probably one of the most configurable programs you'll ever come across.

It was developed by Jonathan Potter, the first (commercial) version was released in 1990. Development continued until 1994 (up to version number 4.12), when Jonathan joined GP Software as a partner, due to disputes with his former distributor about the non-payment of outstanding royalties.

Together, they rewrote the program from scratch, turning it into a complete Workbench replacement. That 'new' Directory Opus (called Directory Opus 5, later versions are labeled "Magellan" or "Magellan 2") is still available for the Amiga, it is now owned by Guru Meditation, the latest version runs on AmigaOS 4. Jon Potter and Greg Perry of GP Software are busy improving and distributing the Windows version of Directory Opus that was released in 2003.

The 'old' Directory Opus 4 was released on several magazine coverdisks, but it retained its copyrighted status until 1999. At that time, GP Software decided that the program had lost all of its commercial value, and released the source codes under the GNU Public License.

The GPL release of Directory Opus 4 was highly appreciated by the Amiga community, as many users still prefer the program's typical oldschool approach to file management - two directory windows and a few buttons. Jacek Rzeuski's GPL releases of DOpus introduced lots of new features, fixed very old bugs and improved compatability with newer versions of AmigaOS and modern hardware.

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Note: Opus, Directory Opus, DOpus, Opus File Manager, OpusPC, PCOpus are copyrights and trademarks of GPSoftware and associated companies and may not be used except under licence.
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